Matt Papich & Joe Williams, The Big Repurpose

Digitally printed.
Full color.
Letterpress printed hardcover.
9 x 11 inches.
208 pages.
Hand sewn binding.
Edition of 25 + 3 A.P.
Signed and numbered.

The Big Repurpose came into being as a result of gathering the immense amount of photographs by Matt Papich and Joe Williams. This book aims to be viewed as a volume of collected images rather than a series of 'winning' photographs. It has been edited to highlight repetition, similarity, peculiarity and of course - levity. This consistant sense of humor and attention to the absurd is mirrored by the titling process. The image titles can be read as a poetic tandem to the running joke of images. Carefully produced entirely by hand in an extremely limited edition of 25 The Big Repurpse is an artist book like few other.

Out of print.