Suzanna Zak, The Chain

Digitally printed tipped in plates.
Letterpress printed chain link borders.
Full color.
9.25 x 11 inches.
32 pages.
Housed in custom made binder.
Sticker label.
Edition of 300.

You ask yourself, "how'd I end up here, down in this hole?" The situation you find yourself in now leads you back to your very first hope, and now you need a whole lot more. It's a sure thing that this series of choices has left you here, a little tangled up.
Let a sudden new sight steer you into the clear, and that's what we call a soaring shift!

Balancing on the cliffside, she saw quartz.
Hidden for you in the pine house, some freshly washed cherries.
An offering of avocados, for the sunburnt man in ripped tie-dye.
The locked up van, changes course NOW.
Even the dead head bikers rest pause, on a quest for FREE DIRT.
Oh dead beautiful skeleton, a toast to the dead beautiful skeleton!
This is what you've carved. Just some desert water toss.
From the mountains, to the eye.

- Suzanna Zak

Purchase - $40.00 USA

Purchase - $40.00 International