Peter Sutherland, Even In The End (Second Edition)

Letterpress printed.
4 colors with stickers, perforated vinyl and spray paint.
Engravings by A & G, Los Angeles.
6 x 9 inches.
24 pages.
Hand sewn binding.
Signed and numbered
Edition of 100.

Even in the End 2 starts on the path of the first edition which was letterpress printed from engraved copper plates. Where this edition differs is that it was entirely inked and printed by hand yeilding 600 unique monoprints made by incorporating a wide range of elements from Sutherland's studio. Stickers, perforated vinyl and photographs were all used to emboss, ink and alter the sheets. The sheets were then bound into 100 unique books.

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Purchase - $60.00 International

Copies will be distributed randomly.