Nicholas Gottlund, Image is Imminent

One color offset printing.
Spot color dust jacket.
8.25 x 11.625 inches.
44 pages.
Saddle stitched.
Designed by the artist.
Published by Lodret Vandret.
Edition of 250.
Special edition of 25.

This book contains a series of drawings which Gottlund uses as guides to create larger plywood sculptures. The drawings / shapes are the result of a process by which pages from various books in his reference library are first scanned, then the image plates are deleted and the remaining margins are inverted from white to black. By removing the images and thus foregrounding the borders or margins from the page, the viewer is left with the armature or support structure of the book which references (albeit incompletely) graphic design trends, artist's sensibilities, and personal taste.

The title Image is Imminent jokingly alludes to the process of designing before the content has arrived or been provided. The book directly engages with Gottlund's previous artist book Painting Furniture as well as with his Spanner works and more broadly the tools of the print industry. In concert with this book and his sculptural works, Gottlund has written an experimental text which is hacked, ripped and pieced together from other artist's writings, design manuals, book reviews and press releases. An excerpt of this text has been reproduced at the end of the book.

The special edition includes a signed and dated A4 size xerox drawing based on the shapes included in the book.

Purchase - $20.00 USA

Purchase - $250.00 Special Edition

To purchase the book outside of the United States, please contact Lodret Vandret.