Sam Falls, Light Over Time

Unique (various colors).
Powder coated aluminum sculpture.
Screen printed accordion fold book.
9 x 12 inches (book).
6 x 3 x 12 inches (sculpture).
16 pages.
Printed and bound by hand.
Housed in a custom clamshell box.
Edition of 20.

"This book deals with the passing of time through light and color. Each book takes two colors and addresses them with their movement toward white. The screen printed books fades one color into the next with absolute white in the middle, matching accompanying sculpture's impending desaturation. The aluminum sculpture is easily assembled and meant to be placed in a place of light, either a windowsill or table exposed to daily passing light. Each piece of aluminum is powder coated monochrome with an outdoor grade pigment with UV protection, then one side is re-coated with an indoor grade, non-UV pigment. So sides of the sculpture on the inside of the corner will fade over time, displaying the shadow made from the sculpture and hence and image of the object itself. Together the book and the sculpture show light over time, one by hand and one by the sun." - Sam Falls

Due to limited availability please contact us for additional information, available colors and images.

Purchase - $3,000.00