Letha Wilson, Between a Rock

Inkjet printed.
Full color.
Screen printed flat black cover.
7 x 10 inches.
48 pages.
Sewn double pamphlet stitch binding.
Numerous hand alterations throughout.
Edition of 300.
Special edition of 25 + 5 A.P.'s.

In this book Wilson continues her work disrupting the landscape image and pushes the limitations of the flat image with physical interventions into the pages. This work uses photographs Letha has taken over the past year from her travels to California, Utah and Hawaii as the ground upon which to make actions such as a hole rip, fold, cut or hole punch into the image. Moves for this book were made before they were bound, allowing works to move across the spreads and take advantage of the hand binding process.

The special edition consists of the regualar edition book housed in a custom hardbound envelope which has 2 c-prints affixed to the outside. Each is diecut and tied with an elastic band. Copies are signed and numbered. The price will increase as the edition sells out.

Purchase - $45.00 USA

Purchase - $45.00 International

Purchase - $300.00 Special Edition