Jason Fulford, Variations

Custom unique letterpress printed clamshell box.
4 x 6 inches (prints).
5.75 x 8 x .75 inches (box).
Set of 4 stamped black and white photograms.
Edition of 20 + 4 A.P.

"These prints were made in Scranton, P.A. using cut paper and light in my darkroom. Inspired by Raymond Queneau's Exercises in Style, I made variations on a form until I ran out of materials." - Jason Fulford

Each print in the edition is a unique object. They are housed in archival, hand made clamshell boxes with contrasting cloth. Each box lid is letterpress printed with moveable wood blocks. Each box is unique as well. Due to limited availability please contact us for additional information and images.

Purchase - $1,000.00